My Time Massage


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30 Minute Massage:

This massage is not quite enough time for a full body massage, therefore, it is great for focusing only on those extra tight muscles that may be causing pain.  It is also a good massage for anyone new to massage and may be a bit apprehensive.  The 30 minutes is enough time to experience what massage is about.


60 Minute Massage:

Our most popular massage, the sixty minute massage, allows enough time for a full body relaxation or therapeutic massage.  If, however, you need extra time on certain areas, the whole hour may also be used to focus on just those areas.  We recommend you talk with your therapist to decide what is best for you.


90 Minute Massage:

The extra half hour this massage offers allows for more time to do a full body massage and work extra on any troublesome areas.  Don't feel bad for the therapists, they appreciate the extra time to release those tight muscles.


120 Minute Massage:

Two full hours to lay on a table where you will be able to relax and get those tight fatigued muscles worked on!  This is enough time for a full body relaxation massage, focus on specific troublesome areas, and maybe even get some assisted stretching. Doesn't get any better than this!


Targeted Massage:

A Targeted Massage focuses on specific muscle groups. It may include condition specific assessment to help facilitate healing for treatment of problems such as headaches, frozen shoulder, fibromyalgia, etc. Techniques used are: Trigger Point Therapy, Myofascial Release, Lymphatic Drainage, and Deep Tissue.  

This is NOT a relaxation massage.

-30 min.  $38

-60 min.  $70

-90 min.  $92

-2 hour  $140

CranioSacral Therapy:

It is a gentle, full body, fully clothed treatment with strong focus around the central core of the body – the brain, spinal cord, cerebrospinal fluid, etc.  As such, this therapy often helps the central nervous system improve its balance and flexibility allowing the brain to function more clearly and the body to maximize its self-healing ability.

Experience is the best way to understand how you can utilize CranioSacral therapy in your healing and growth.  Come in to the My Time Massage office and experience a session today!

-60 min.  $75

-90 min.  $95

Chair Massage:

A therapist will assist you in sitting in a special chair where you can have your head, neck, shoulder, arms and back massaged.  This massage is perfect if you are short on time and need to get your upper body muscles released.  You do not unclothe and oil is not used so it is great to do during your lunch time if your schedule is too full for a longer table massage.  Those people uncomfortable with the idea of getting undressed or lying on a table will like this as well.

10 min.-$11

20 min.-$22

Detoxifying Sauna Session:

A 30 minute session in a 2 person sauna.  You may use the sauna by yourself or with a companion.  Your session my also be added to a massage.  Sauna sessions are benifical for:

     Glowing healthy skin - blood flow to the skin increases during a sauna session. With more

          essential nutrients being available to surface tissue, the quality of the skin gradually


     Detoxification - the heat releases poisons and heavy metals beneath the skin so that they can be removed through perspiration.

     Hyperthermia - exposure to the high heat creates an artificial fever state. Fever stimulates the body's natural healing process. As a result, your immune system will produce greater numbers of disease fighting white blood cells and antibodies to eliminate viruses and other pathogens.

     Relaxation- sauna therapy relaxes muscles. Regular sauna users say that a "good sweat"    

         provides and opportunity to indulge in positive thoughts and escape from everyday


-$17  Sauna only

-$11  Sauna Session add-on to massage

Skin Rejuvenating Add-on:

This is a 20 minute, full body exfoliation/moisturizing treatment. We use a gentle, yet effective, dry honeycomb mitt followed by a special blended oil.  This treatment can be added to any masssage.


Couples Massage

This unique massage is for 2 people.  Whether you are married, dating, friends, or family you can enjoy a massage together in the same room.  You will each have your own personal massage therapist who will help you to relax and work out any tension you may have.  

This service is not availabe for scheculing on-line, please call 612-810-1009 to make your appointment.

-30 min. $76

-60 min. $140

-90 min. $183

-120min. $280

Hot Stone

This massage consists of thirty-three stones heated by a warm water and lavender essential oil blend. The warmth and the energy from the rocks make for an extremely relaxing, penetrating and detoxifying full body massage. We use special stones for placement on various areas such as; chakra points, muscles along your back, and even between your toes, while the rest of the stones are used to massage with.   It feels great especially when the weather gets chilly outside!


Foot Reflexology


This technique is based on the theory that there are points on the feet that correspond to our entire body.  By applying pressure to those points in the feet, blockages will be released in it’s related area throughout the body.  Some say reflexology is like a full body massage from the inside out.

-30 min. $38

-60 min. $70

Sports Massage


Perfect for the athlete!

A technique that focuses on treating soft tissue aches, pains and injuries that are associated with recreational activities.


Off Site


Our therapists will go to your home, office, or even vacation homes with tables or massage chairs, linens, oils, and music.  Great for parties, or weekends with family and/or friends.  They can do chair massages, ½ hour, 1 hour, 1½ hours or even 2 hour table massages.  

-Minimum of 3 massages.  See "prices" page for pricing.