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Table Massages

30 Minute Massage

This massage is not quite enough time for a full body massage, therefore, it is great for focusing only on those extra tight muscles that may be causing pain.  It is also a good massage for anyone new to massage and may be a bit apprehensive.  The 30 minutes is enough time to experience what massage is about.


60 Minute Massage

Our most popular massage, the sixty minute massage, allows enough time for a full body relaxation or therapeutic massage.  If, however, you need extra time on certain areas, the whole hour may also be used to focus on just those areas.  We recommend you talk with your therapist to decide what is best for you.


90 Minute Massage

The extra half hour this massage offers allows for more time to do a full body massage and work extra on any troublesome areas.  Don't feel bad for the therapists, they appreciate the extra time to release those tight muscles!


120 Minute Massage

Two full hours to lay on a table where you will be able to relax and get those tight fatigued muscles worked on!  This is enough time for a full body relaxation massage, focus on specific troublesome areas, and maybe even get some assisted stretching. Doesn't get any better than this!